“Over My Head…But It Sure Feels Nice.”

Don’t forget that when you are styling your hair, you do have the option to use multiple tools. Use a larger sized round brush going up the head, then if you have shorter layers, swap to a smaller sized one and really get in there to create the look you desire. Swap over to a different sized brush for your fringe/bangs, allowing yourself to create a smoother look with body, or without body and volume in the front if you prefer.

If you want more body in your hair and the ends aren’t as polished and smooth as you would like, apply the flat-iron to the ends to smooth them out. I always believe that if the “flat-iron” was called the “smoothing-iron”, its perception would be completely different and people wouldn’t be as scared or nervous to use it when body in the hair is desired.

Perhaps you wear your hair up most of the time, but have a face framed, side-swept fringe. After securing your hair up in a ponytail or clip, apply the flat-iron only to that area to create a more polished, relaxed, laid back look.


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