On The Turning Away

Who are you? Who do you want to be? Are you a professional, but still love to go out on the weekends? Are you in a field where you can have options towards your hair and personal style? Is your lifestyle one that is completely open and free, letting your hair  to make you whoever you want to be on any given day? These are the questions you have to ask yourself when deciding where to go with your hair.


I always say, even if you’re a professional, go to the place with your hair where versatility and limitless options are home. Now, you may enjoy having a certain look, geared towards one particular style and feel in mind…But why not build and branch off of that, allowing you to spice it up when need be?

Two areas extremely vital to this point are the layers and the fringe/bangs. Each of these alone can transform your look and give limitless possibilities to styling options. Why not mix and match two different looks with the fringe and layers while making it your own? I’m always a big fan of contrasting styles, when mixed together, gives a dynamite of a feel.

Weather its conservative or over-the-top, OWN your hair, OWN your look, and don’t forget to make it a point to brand yourself within these as well!



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