Hair Vertigo

Versatility…That’s what I always recommend when getting your hair cut. You want something that doesn’t take forever to do every single time you style it, as well as have the hair cut in a way that brings versatility to it and your entire look.

If you are going for a specific look, geared towards a certain direction of what you want to project, you still want something where you can spice it up, mix it up, and not be pigeonholed with the same stagnant look time and time again. The layers are a key factor to this equation. First and foremost, on a typical day-to-day basis, be honest with yourself on how you will actually  style your hair. If you have a bit of a wave to your hair and 85 % of the time you flat-iron it, then that will be your usual everyday look. So we need your hair cut in a position that will embrace that, still be versatile so you can mix up the styling, and most importantly work with the natural state of your hair.

We want your hair to be in the position to be able to smooth it out with consistency, have the ability to curl or add wave to it when need be for specific occasions, and still look gorgeous when you’re hanging out around the house on a Sunday afternoon. Full, complete versatility that fits your personal look…That’s when everything will come together!



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