Bangin’ On The Drum All Day

“You look in the mirror, not quite sure what you see, as your hair is pleading, “Come take care of me!””

There is a misconception about bangs. For some, bangs are these little fluttery looking things sitting on your forehead as if you were in second grade! But toss that thought and image out of your mind and grasp the reality in which bangs can be. I’m actually more about a bang/side-swept fringe…face framed, blending down to the perimeter of your hair. There are three focal points where I like to start.

1) The Cheekbone

2) The Lip

3) The Chin

Nicely angled beginning at one of these points, gradually blended down to the perimeter, lightly or heavily layered pending your personal look. That will sex it up, keeping a gorgeous/polished look too. It also looks great when you pull your hair back because the front will be speaking on its own. For more of a shorter “bang look”, you can always begin at the eyebrow, still angled down and layered the same way as previously detailed.

So open your mind, get creative,  and add even more sex appeal/glamour to that look that you already have!


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