The Times They Are a-Changin’

Your look. What’s your look? What are you trying and attempting to convey to everyone and most importantly yourself? Your look could be a mixture of different looks, combined with your spin to make it your own. Your hair is a vital and key element in this.

If a man is dressing in a suit and wants to get across this really polished, tight, ultra-clean professional look, it would be best if he didn’t have his hair geared on the messier side. Now at night or on the weekend, that’s a different story, but to get across the image he is going after, something more professional and crisp would be best. I’m always a big fan of combining looks, mixing styles, and making it yours. That goes with hair as well. You want something that fits you, your personality, what you want to get across, etc…This is all relative in the end, so it comes down to how you personally feel. This of course can change on a day to day, hour to hour basis. You’re not stuck to one look or style forever. So ask yourself….What do I want to get across? What is the image that I want to portray? Who am I going to be? Once you understand those answers, then the rest is a piece of cake!


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