Fly Away… Far, Far Away…

Long hair. I love long hair…But sometimes, let’s be realistic, it’s just too long! Layers, sure…I like longer layers, but when it starts to become a nuisance to your overall look, it’s time for at least a subtle change. The biggest misconception is that if you cut your hair when it’s longer and you put more layers in your hair, it’s going to be a lot shorter. But what about only cleaning up the ends, making them look a bit more polished, and adding more layers, even on the longer side? If longer layers are more your cup of tea, why not spice it up a bit and add more longer layers? You can keep them within a certain region of the hair, which will be so much easier to style, as well give more flexibility to styling. It’ll take a bit more weight off, create more movement, and just create an overall sexier look. Now what if you have finer hair,  trying to create more of a fuller look, and don’t want your hair to look “stringy” or even weaker? Well, more layers (even on the longer side, since that’s the topic of discussion) will create more body and movement for your hair, along with opening up the realm to more styling options. Ever wonder why you can’t do much of anything with your hair? That’s one of the reasons why. Remember, putting more layers in your hair doesn’t necessarily mean going shorter with them, it just means creating more of a balanced look that will take you from gorgeous to knockout!


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