Color Care…At Home – Part I

Taking care of your color. Now that seems to be quite the common theme that I see not going around. When you get color done to your hair, period…It needs to be cared for. So many times I’ll have clients who bring in a picture or pick one out, choosing a shade of blonde, red, copper, a warmer brown, etc…in which they want done. The only issue is that they barely keep the “at home” maintenance of it up. Look at it in the terms of your skin. What happens to your skin when you go out into the sun time and time again without any sun protection at all? Or what happens if a moisturizer or any other cleansing agent is NEVER used on your skin? That’s right, it wears down and doesn’t hold up nearly as well. So with your hair, a good color shampoo and conditioner is key, along with a spray or leave-in product that you can apply to your hair before heading out into the sun. Make sure not to buy any cheap or generic products, since they have chemicals in them that actually strip the color out. This is just an introduction to “at home” color care, because after all, we want long-lasting color that’s a grand slam every time!


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